DMSContainer Documentation

DMSContainer is a micro service container and is able to load, handle and operate a virtually infinite number of (micro)services. Each service can use the base facilities offered by the DMSContainer environment, which makes the development and the operations related to the services management really easy and comfortable.

Main Features

  • DMSContainer speed up development, testing and deploying times, using microservices architecture!
  • DMSContainer centralizes all the system features make them available throug a simple and unioform interface just like a distributed code library!
  • Why DMSContainer cuts development times?
    • Simplifies new project startups
    • Allows to speed up the development leveraging a simple yet powerful and robust run-time environment
    • Focuses efforts to the problem to solve, not to all the machinery, needed, but not strictly required by the core business itself
    • Allows a simple develpment-test-deploy cycle
    • Encourage and makes unit and integration tests simpler
    • It’s battle tested and used by many big,mid and small companies for years!
    • Maximizes the TCO and ROI
    • It’s a RAD for microservices
    • It’s the real β€œWrite once, Invoke everywhere!”

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